Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bristol's Copenhagen Hour

Well, it turns out (!) that Bristol was hosting it's first ever "Copenhagen Hour" when I happened into town this morning. An oportunity for like minded individuals to dress up to the nines and strut (bike-wise) their stuff around the shopping centre of Broadmead. Do I detect co-ordinated legwear and outfit between these two - a turquoise theme going on here perhaps?

Nice attention to detail from this gentleman - matching socks and scarf - and of course it would have been wasted if he had simply used trouser clips or those velcro things!

As you can see - there's a variety of styles.

And some excellent hand signals from the lad in the rear gunner's seat.

And then it was time for coffee and buns in Castle Park - and some water for the hound. Handy having a milk crate on the front of your bike to carry the picnic.

Unfortunately I had a pressing engagement with some litter and graffiti on the Bristol to Bath Path so couldn't stay to enjoy the view.

So that's it started - let's see where we go from here.
(Polite) suggestions welcome.


  1. Unless I'm mistaken, the last picture in this group might be "Dairyboybob" of Really Useful Bikes with his FR8.
    Small world.

  2. You're right there Westfield. I'd made the connection but not connected it!
    Made me think a Working Bikes links section would be a good idea - thanks. And Rob or Mark, if you're watching, be good to hear from you!

  3. Hello, Rob here, sorry i missed the last ride.
    Its good that people of a like mind can get together, events like Copenhagen hour are great, a really positive image for non bike users and a good get together too. Your pics are really good. it would be great if you could add them to the Bristolize group on Flickr. I look forward to getting along to the next one.
    Word of note, just because a bike can carry things does not make it a work bike, it just makes a bike really useful. Small point but i do not want folk to think that these bikes cannot be used everyday, quite the opposite.
    Thats it, rant over....loving the rides and loving the blog.