Saturday, 27 August 2011

Ladies Pursuits - with style

Nice video of some pursuit cyclists with the girls riding round London.
Style by Ana Nichoola. Film by Liam Murphy films.

Ladies Pursuits from on Vimeo.

It's the Cycling Chic ride next weekend (4 September) organised by Bristol Cycling Campaign - why not check it out?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

A lot can can change in a few months

No updates for a while, but a few months on and a new season brings many changes so here we are in Bristol's Cultural Quarter to enjoy the cycling culture.
There's a Cycling Chic ride coming up on 4 September organised by Bristol Cycling Campaign - why not check it out?
Meanwhile I'll let the pictures do the talking. First, we'll set the scene:

Now this person could do with turning her cycle into a useful cycle

with the addtion of a basket
 Handy for carrying locks,  and all sorts of paraphernalia

 A useful bike:
 Nice boots! And a work bike!
 Or simply use a bag:
or no bag for this milk maid
OK - so what about the lycra? What should we wear to cycle - something nice and practical I'd say - well that's just about anything:
 Leather and lycra works well, and a crossbar is no deterrent for wearing a skirt
Something on your head maybe?
 or just a neat cap

Co-ordinating your colours is important
 But it's the little details that count, like a colourfule pair of shoes
Cycling is a sociacl thing and red lights give opportunities to chat:

Nice point! But it's the relaxed and carefree style that does it for me:
 as you cruise past the traffic or take your own line
 whatever position you like
 The children can tag-along too
While some are just on their way home from work
others are already on their way out for the night - with a basket coming in hand again

Look out for more information on the Chic Ride!