Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bristol's Copenhagen Hour 2

'Twas another "Copenhagen Hour" in Bristol and the sun was shining, though still a bit of a chill in the air, so it's still "coats on" and a bit quiet for a Saturday morning. Still some stylish cyclists about though:

If you don't fancy the shoulder bag (see earlier post) you can always pop it in your basket - might also be some room for a bit of shopping. (I wouldn't leave it there in Rome, mind - it wouldn't last long!).

Red shoes and rims - liking it! (I wonder which came first?)

The flowery theme continues ..

These 2 just seem to be having fun - well why not - it's Spring after all.

I'm thinking hat and coat together are going with the shoes - or am I paying too much attention?

Here's red shoes agan - looks like she's heading for home with child and gear in a very useful looking trailer (matching flag too!).

And continuing the red theme! Whilst one glides down Park Street another sees nothing wrong with a spot of walking.Here's a familiar face in the cycling world, just passing by.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Cycling by College Green

It was a reasonably nice day so I sat on a bench to watch the cyclists go by.

Good to see the postman putting a bike to good use. Quite a smart uniform too! Wonder if he made it all the way up Park Street?

This young lady's got something interesting going on with the headgear and a neat little backpack - better than hanging shopping bags off the handle-bars!

Chic bikes

So who wouldn't want to be seen on this Schwinn Cruiser - taking cycling to a new level of cool! Trouble is, I don't do green .....

.... maybe just the rims though?

Classic Italian Ladies bike on sale at Bloomsbury (Quakers Friars) for £695 I think.

Mud Dock have some Dutch-style bikes from Trek - that top one will keep your white socks oil-free as well as charging your lights and locking itself (though of course you'll use a D-lock as well I expect!)

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Lunchtime in Queens Square (& environs)

A sunny day just makes you want to get on your bike. Here's a nice mixed bunch of cyclists just enjoying the sights.

A bit of a flowery thing going on here - nicely co-ordinated.

Now my Mother told me never to mix brown with blue - but then we're all individuals!

These shoulder bags are getting very popular - maybe I should try one.

You can just tell that he's going to arrive nice and relaxed for his meeting.

Can be thirsty work cycling though! And is that belt for securing his bike? - hmmm!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bristol's Copenhagen Hour

Well, it turns out (!) that Bristol was hosting it's first ever "Copenhagen Hour" when I happened into town this morning. An oportunity for like minded individuals to dress up to the nines and strut (bike-wise) their stuff around the shopping centre of Broadmead. Do I detect co-ordinated legwear and outfit between these two - a turquoise theme going on here perhaps?

Nice attention to detail from this gentleman - matching socks and scarf - and of course it would have been wasted if he had simply used trouser clips or those velcro things!

As you can see - there's a variety of styles.

And some excellent hand signals from the lad in the rear gunner's seat.

And then it was time for coffee and buns in Castle Park - and some water for the hound. Handy having a milk crate on the front of your bike to carry the picnic.

Unfortunately I had a pressing engagement with some litter and graffiti on the Bristol to Bath Path so couldn't stay to enjoy the view.

So that's it started - let's see where we go from here.
(Polite) suggestions welcome.

Utility Bikes

This bike and trailer is used by Booty the secondhand book and record shop on Colston Street for their Saturday stall along from the Watershed. Booty very kindly host the mailbox for the Bristol Cycling Campaign.Flower deliveries from St.Augustine's Parade?

Friday, 3 April 2009

Bristol Cycling Chic - 1

So, I think we're getting started - here's a bit of "messenger" style down at the centre.

And this is some cool dude - surely that's a homburg on his head. And that's a classy helmet his little friend is wearing.

So how chic are Bristol's Cyclists?

They do it elsewhere so I thought I'd take a look at just how chic are the people who cycle in Bristol. Being new to this game it may take a while to take off - first I'm going to have to get some pictures - I suppose I should have thought of that first.
This was my first attempt:
- bit too much shutter delay.
Let's see what the weekend has in store!