Saturday, 18 April 2009

Bristol's Copenhagen Hour 2

'Twas another "Copenhagen Hour" in Bristol and the sun was shining, though still a bit of a chill in the air, so it's still "coats on" and a bit quiet for a Saturday morning. Still some stylish cyclists about though:

If you don't fancy the shoulder bag (see earlier post) you can always pop it in your basket - might also be some room for a bit of shopping. (I wouldn't leave it there in Rome, mind - it wouldn't last long!).

Red shoes and rims - liking it! (I wonder which came first?)

The flowery theme continues ..

These 2 just seem to be having fun - well why not - it's Spring after all.

I'm thinking hat and coat together are going with the shoes - or am I paying too much attention?

Here's red shoes agan - looks like she's heading for home with child and gear in a very useful looking trailer (matching flag too!).

And continuing the red theme! Whilst one glides down Park Street another sees nothing wrong with a spot of walking.Here's a familiar face in the cycling world, just passing by.


  1. Love the photos. You do have a good variety of bikes down there! When I find the time I'll get out there and try some of the same.

    Purely on a pedantic level, have you considered giving them a professional look with a little post-production tweaking? is quite good for that sort thing and very user-friendly.


  2. Sorry that i missed it....see you at number 3!