Sunday, 30 May 2010

Are Bristol's cyclists chic? We certainly are!

A sunny evening after work in Bristol City Centre - and a variety of chic cyclists abound:

Styles of dress vary tremendously in this still changeable weather. Whilst the women have shed their winter coats - boots are not eschewed (attempted pun!). While the men retain their overcoats:

(seemingly in hot pursuit!).

We could be in Paris now.

But a smart suit and that jaunty boater re-assure us that Bristol is the place to be.

Picking up on the red pannier in the first pic but taking it all the way - this is real red style.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Spring "Break"

Although we're definitely in Spring, and we did have a quick burst of warm weather, we've been having April showers in May and Spring seems to be taking a break whilst a chill wind continues to blow - so our chic cyclists are keeping well wrapped up with hoods ...

and puffa jackets (note the green laces though!) (and a nice basket)

Oh wow! .. and close to a full-on parka! with interesting leggings and boots.

Meanwhile, some people seem to be more impervious to the cold and look as though they wear just what they happen to have had on already

and for the hardy types that's just shorts and T-shirts (maybe they're just optimists!)

Elsewhere in town, there's more fur and boots in evidence.

Whilst city gents just jump on their bikes in their work suits (he looks so relaxed - there's no way he's going to break into a sweat - even though he's just come up from The Triangle - and maybe even up Park Street!) Oh, did I mention it was Spring!
I said it was cycling chick - not cycling check! I wonder where she's off to?

Nice satchel (messenger bag?) and a bright red top (to go with the red bike of course!).

And this guy just looks happy to be on his bike (he stopped and posed for me at the lights later on!)

Whilst not the weather for shorts, with some warm leggings she can still get some wear out of them - and with her calfs exposed she might be able to add a chainwheel tatoo!

There are other ways to be chic - I so wish I could balance like this - I don't think it works from a sitting position on an upright though.

Our chic check chick, back from the shops with some flowers - that's nice.

My dilemma now is whether to wait for better weather or press on regardless! Think I will leave it to Bristol's chic cyclists to decide for me.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

"Tra-La-La" .... Spring is here!

No - that wasn't me!
- nor the birds!
- but this young woman just enjoying her ride
- until I surprised her by leaping off my bike and taking a photo.

Spring seems to be here at last - though there's still a bit of a chill in the air - so still a need for a coat and some nice bright gloves.
People are getting out and about and enjoying themselves more - cruising through the park at a leisurely pace whilst chatting to a friend

(and of course you know why they're standing up! Just look where the seats are on these bikes!)

And they're not the only fun bikes around - the fixies are doing a few tricks in the park

And doing some messengering in the City. Starting to look a bit more Spring attired - revealing a bit of calf

and the postie can always be relied upon - for a short sleeved look here

whilst the football team go for shorts.

Meanwhile, another type of bike is appearing more and more

These probably represent to some extent the growing number of cycle-train commuters - rather than leave a cycle at home and work localities (and as there is so little room on our trains for taking full sized bikes) - folding bikes are proving very popular - and quite stylish! (Plus they can be taken on buses!)

Across town - the utility bike is growing in popularity - here with the simple addition of a front basket

and a nice bit of style

And talking of style, we still have colour themes going on - bag, trainers and bike - can't just be a coincidence!

and penultimately the picture I was looking for - Chic Spring in the Park (shades included!)

But how long 'till we see the girl in the coat dressed as she is and riding a pedal cycle?

Hopefully it will soon warm up a few degrees and we can dispense with the coats, and the lighter evenings may help us to do without the high viz and just ride about in ordinary clothes.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Next Cycle Chic event

JD's going stir crazy at home - according to the recent comment on my blog

Friday, 17 April 2009

Chic bikes

Going stir crazy at home. Any plans yet for the next Cycle Chic Saturday ride.?


I suggest you just get out there and do your own thing JD. I have some hefty committments at the moment so this is having to take a bit of a rear-rack. Hopefully starting up again in the Spring.

Meanwhile, if you email with what kind of events you're interested in I may be able to pass on some info - or have a look at the bristolcyclingcampaign( website or

Meanwhile, here's an inspirational pair: