Sunday, 30 May 2010

Are Bristol's cyclists chic? We certainly are!

A sunny evening after work in Bristol City Centre - and a variety of chic cyclists abound:

Styles of dress vary tremendously in this still changeable weather. Whilst the women have shed their winter coats - boots are not eschewed (attempted pun!). While the men retain their overcoats:

(seemingly in hot pursuit!).

We could be in Paris now.

But a smart suit and that jaunty boater re-assure us that Bristol is the place to be.

Picking up on the red pannier in the first pic but taking it all the way - this is real red style.


  1. this is me dressing up as a butterfly for the bristol steiner school dressing up day, I took my wings off and flew home on my red bike!

  2. So you don't normally dress like that?
    Sorry I didn't get you with a nicer background.
    If you want to get in touch email we are planning lots of fun cycling-related activities - fashion shows and parades - as part of the Bristol Cycling Festival
    Any help would be much appreciated.

  3. Wow, is it just me or are Bristolians finally 'getting' the cycle chic thing? Well snapped!