Thursday, 18 March 2010

"Tra-La-La" .... Spring is here!

No - that wasn't me!
- nor the birds!
- but this young woman just enjoying her ride
- until I surprised her by leaping off my bike and taking a photo.

Spring seems to be here at last - though there's still a bit of a chill in the air - so still a need for a coat and some nice bright gloves.
People are getting out and about and enjoying themselves more - cruising through the park at a leisurely pace whilst chatting to a friend

(and of course you know why they're standing up! Just look where the seats are on these bikes!)

And they're not the only fun bikes around - the fixies are doing a few tricks in the park

And doing some messengering in the City. Starting to look a bit more Spring attired - revealing a bit of calf

and the postie can always be relied upon - for a short sleeved look here

whilst the football team go for shorts.

Meanwhile, another type of bike is appearing more and more

These probably represent to some extent the growing number of cycle-train commuters - rather than leave a cycle at home and work localities (and as there is so little room on our trains for taking full sized bikes) - folding bikes are proving very popular - and quite stylish! (Plus they can be taken on buses!)

Across town - the utility bike is growing in popularity - here with the simple addition of a front basket

and a nice bit of style

And talking of style, we still have colour themes going on - bag, trainers and bike - can't just be a coincidence!

and penultimately the picture I was looking for - Chic Spring in the Park (shades included!)

But how long 'till we see the girl in the coat dressed as she is and riding a pedal cycle?

Hopefully it will soon warm up a few degrees and we can dispense with the coats, and the lighter evenings may help us to do without the high viz and just ride about in ordinary clothes.

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