Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Can you be chic when cycling in traffic?

Well, from a single sample survey, I'd have to say "No" or at best "With difficulty".

They all look very .... what? .... "Earnest?" ..... "Serious?" ........don't you think?

Still, the Messenger Bag is still with us and thick tights are very practical given the chill in the air and the boots (no heels!) are looking pretty good.
Also, we have a bit of a "green" theme going on : ....

(Green man - green top!

(well wrapped up - green bag .... and green gloves!!!)

(so what does he have more of - jackets or bikes? ....... and a green shop!)

So, this is meant to be a positive and up-beat blog, but I have to sympathise with these guys:

When cars block the bus lane - the cyclists are squeezed between them and the traffic ... and the bus is held up - and a pleasant ride home turns into a bit of a struggle.

A narrow cycle lane gives a bit of a feeling of security, but even the bus driver can see that he needs to take care.

So on this busy road where space is under contention it seems that cyclists have to be prepared for a bit of a struggle and dress appropriately :-

Meanwhile, an apology to all those chic cyclists cycling around the rest of Bristol ... Your time will come! (And, as I've been mentioning heels - compliments to the original posters elsewhere on the world-wide web:

A taste of things to come? Maybe not just yet - winter is on its way after all!


  1. Oh I don't know. Here in LA plenty of people manage to look chic while cycling in Traffic though to be fair this is LA and there is almost always traffic everywhere. Besides none of the people you captured are too horribly dressed aside from the ones wearing HiViz clothing. Honestly I don't think neon colors like that do anything for any ones complexion. Everyone in the second photo looks presentable and the boots are great. Also the lady in purple in front of the bus is working that scarf like a pro.

  2. Thanks for the comments Cosmo - I admit the pictures don't fully reflect the statement - I only used the nicest ones! Like your blog and thanks for drawing attention to Miss Sarah Chan's video - 2 more blogs to keep an eye on!

  3. Can folk look chic on a bicycle?, some have a natural predisposition, but yes of course anyone can look chic on a bicycle.
    You have pointed out one hinderance to looking Chic, that is our reaction to stress and danger, when one feels they have to be agressive to survive its difficult to look relaxed.
    So better cycle provision is required for ultimate chic..ness.
    Also having to hang a bag on your handlebars or over your back makes it difficult to get your outfit to hang nicely...a good rack is a great Boon to looking good on a bicycle...front or rear rack takes the pressure off you and lets you dress with a little more style...
    The classic dutch set up with a front rack to rest your bag whilst its slung over the handlebars, or the extra large panniers over your rear rack to contain your spare outfit, your shopping, two bicycle handbags if you will...throw everything in... Both ideas give you more options to dress for cycling just as you would normally.
    The is nothing lovelier than a well dressed person looking relaxed as they go about their business.
    This should be the aim of cycle city....i hope its the outcome, or a good step to that ...

  4. Hi,

    We're putting together a cycling strategy for our area and we've used one of the pictures from this page in it - http://elycycle.org.uk/strategy/segregated-provision/ - hope that's OK, let us know if it's not.


    1. Sure - no problems Andy. Good luck with the Strategy. Here in Bristol we have our own (About 4 pages!) about to be finalised.